The Cast

Leo Kao as Daniel
Jen Kim as Sarah
Nate Rubin as Gary
Emily Ghamrawi as Lucy
Quoc Nguyen as Mr. Lee
Nathan Castaneda as Juan
Alfred Ramirez as Carlos
Will Meyman as Eric
Jonathan Ybarra
Regina Waters

Crystal Donaldson

Steve Brogdon

Brad Hartliep

Tony Boone
Pat Utecho

The Crew

writer/director/editor  -  Jay Chern
producers  -  Sean Koval, Lam Chui, Jay Chern
assoc.p.  -  Michael Carpenter, Nathan Castaneda
cinematographer  -  David Pinkston
lighting/gaffer  -  Chris Simpson
grip  -  Duncan Yan
sound recordest  -  BJ Paknia
sound design  -  Frank Pittenger
music  -  Long Nguyen
art/visual effects  -  Dennis Kang

 (above left:  Alfred Ramirez as Carlos and Nathan Castaneda as Juan; above right: Michael Carpenter and crew)

special thanks from Jay

to my mom and dad who made this film possible.  to my professors and classmates who supported me.  to Nathan Castaneda who allowed us to shoot at his restaurant and brought the chef, Juan to life.  to Leo Kao and Jen Kim who so tiring flew all the way to Texas to make this film with us!  to David Pinkston, Chris Simpson and Duncan Yan who without these guys the film wouldn't have been lit and shot.  to Bart Weiss who allowed us to use UTA's sound equipment and to BJ Paknia who captured all the sounds.  to my producers Sean Koval and Lam Chui who signed on before anyone and kept everything, I mean everything in order.  to Michael Carpenter who was the best AD I could ask for, knew the shots better than the director.  to Emily Ghamraw, Nate Rubin, Quoc Nguyen, Alfred Ramirez, Will Meyman, Nathan and all the other Texas actors who as always are the epitome of talent and professionality.  to Shane McCaslin, our script supervisor, extra delivery boy helper and lent us his apartment to shoot at.  to Frank Pittenger, our amazing sound designer and mixer, making everything sound sweet.  to Long Nguyen whose wonderful music added so many layers to the film.  to Dennis Kang who has been apart of everyone of my productions ever, made a day to night shot work in post and designed all the props.  and to everyone else who helped make this film possible, thank you!

 director biography

     Jay Chern began his film career with a 3 minute short film on a Sony camcorder which aired on the Best Damn Sports Show in the spring 2004.  Since then he has written, produced and directed many short film along with editing an independent feature film.  In 2006, Jay interned at ReelFX Creative Studio, received a scholarship from the Wishful Wings Artist Competition, and graduated with honors from The University of Texas at Arlington with his short film winning best in show at the school’s annual film festival.  Currently studying at Taipei National University of the Arts, Graduate School of Filmmaking pursuing his MFA in directing.